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Welcome to St Peters






Welcome to St Peter’s Church.

We are a Roman Catholic church made up of the old church designed by Pugin, the new church and three church halls called the Pugin Rooms. I am the Parish Priest, Fr Michael, and I thank you for visiting our website.







                                             9.00 a.m., 11.00a.m. and 5.30 p.m.


SUNDAY 13th September                  9:00 am Patrick Gleeson

Twenty-fourth Sunday Year A         11:00 am Parish

                                                               5:30 pm

No weekday masses


SUNDAY 20th September                9:00 am Paul Beeston RIP

Twenty-fifth Sunday Year A              11:00 am John & Pamila Knight’s 65th Wedding      


                                                                5:30 pm

A mass will be offered on 18 September for Rachel Ford RIP.


PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR SICK: Eileen Ruane, Richard Galiano & Jenny Pemberton


ANNIVERSARIES: Please pray for those whose anniversaries occur about this time: Baby Mia Bryony Nye, Hryhoriz Moczkwsky, Hans Breitenbach, Lauren Gilbert, Kathleen Chesterfield, Charles Smith, Michael Robinson, Catherine Grogono, Rachel Ford, Harold Norcross, Barbara Ackroyd-Wrigh. May they rest in peace.


COUNTING ROTA:  Lesley and Bianca


CLEANING ROTA: All pews, surfaces, and door handles are disinfected by the stewards after each mass. Further cleaning including the church porch is done by the floral team every week. Hoovering between each pew and mopping takes place on a fortnightly basis by a team of volunteers or a paid cleaner. Peter and Johanna to clean on 20 Sept. Thank you so much for keeping our church clean, a requirement for keeping it open!


STEWARDS: In order to make mass a welcoming place for even our most vulnerable parishioners, we would not be able to do it without our lovely stewards! They have been so dedicated to stewarding every Sunday from reopening and have been a great help to Fr Michael and our parish. Please please thank them when you see them and if you or someone you know could join the team, it would be a great help to spread the work among more hands!


CAR PARK MISUSE:  We have received several complaints from local residents about our car park being used for unauthorised use including parking all day and engines roaring at 2am as well as complaints from elderly Pugin Hall users for difficulty parking. The car park should be used for authorised use, and we as a church have the priority – such as attending for mass, Sacraments, visiting the graveyard, church, or a meeting with Fr Michael. If the car park is available and no church activity is going on, then it will be available for the Pugin Hall users. The numbered spaces are let by companies during business hours that pay fees and Marie Lou Stephenson will be reviewing their requirements. Please note: Terry Murphy will commence a 6 week trial of confronting car parkers who are using our car park for unauthorised use. Tony de Souza will put up new signs. If you have any feedback please contact Terry Murphy at 07966 380820 or [email protected] or Tony de Souza. [email protected]


FLOWERS: Correction: it is Ginny Kerridge and Sarah Campbell running the flowers, not Ginny and team!


WEBINARS We have some excellent speakers including Brendan Thompson from Catholic Voices, Hannah Vaughan-Spruce from Divine Renovation, and Fr Matthew Numes, who led the clergy day for those with more than one parish last year.  I’m delighted that Bishop David will open the series with a pastoral reflection on the last few months, and some key questions for us now. On 5th August Pope Francis called on the Church to reflect on our current situation.  In response, the diocesan Pastoral Ministry Office is hosting a series of online webinars on Monday evenings through the autumn.  We begin on 21st September with Bishop David reflecting on the last six months, and posing some key questions as we go forward.  Other topics include reaching out to the needy, building community, prayer and spirituality, and catechesis.  The webinars are free to attend, but you will need to register to receive the web link.  For more information and to register, please go to


FULL NEWSLETTER IS BACK Madeline is back and if you have any entries, please send them on to her at [email protected] by Thursday at 11am to be included in that Sunday’s newsletter.

                                                                             (more on News & Events page)













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