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Welcome to St Peters






Welcome to St Peter’s Church.

We are a Roman Catholic church made up of the old church designed by Pugin, the new church and three church halls called the Pugin Rooms. I am the Parish Priest, Fr Michael, and I thank you for visiting our website.










SUNDAY 25th October 9:00 am Sam Thomas RIP

Thirtieth Sunday                    11:00 am Janina and Czeslaw Kobylecki RIP

5:30 pm People of the Parish


No weekday masses


SUNDAY 1st November  9:00 am

All Saints’ Day                        11:00 am People of the Parish

5:30 pm





PLEASE PRAY FOR OUR SICK: Eileen Ruane and Richard Galiano, Jenny Pemberton.


FAITHFUL DEPARTED Please pray for the repose of the soul of SYLVIA COLLINGWOOD. May her soul and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.


ANNIVERSARIES: Please pray for those whose anniversaries occur about this time: Andrea Pompeo, Anne Lane, Damien Eric Hackett, John Adnitt, Kathleen Steel, Michael Dominic Gorton Ford. May they rest in peace.


COLLECTION: £390. CAFOD - £492. Thank you for your generosity. COLLECTION ENVELOPES 2020-2021 The envelopes for your weekly collection are belatedly available in the new church porch.


TWA PRODUCE SALE: Due to the restrictions imposed by the Coronavirus situation, TWA cannot hold their usual November Produce Sale in the Pugin Hall. However, we plan to provide an order and delivery/collection system by means of an order form which will be handed out after Masses on Sunday 1st & 8th November. Items will include:  Christmas cakes (iced or non-iced), mince pies - also homemade mincemeat, sponge cakes, loaves, apple pies, quiches, preserves (marmalade, chutneys, jams etc). The forms will show contact numbers to phone for ordering with your preferred date of delivery (latest delivery Saturday 19th December).


MASS ON YOUR PHONE – Dial 01642130120 for mass on your phone, whenever you want it! Dial the number and put it on speakerphone and enjoy the organ, singing, and responses from the congregation.


For the Attention of All READERS...VIP

The Parish is preparing for what will be a different Christmas for all of us. Planning is at an early stage, but the thinking is that there will be five Masses all together, three on Christmas Eve and two on Christmas Day morning. One Reader is needed for each Mass.

ALL READERS, please let me know your availability for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning, even if you are not going to be around. Emailing me is best, as I check emails many times each day. My email is:  [email protected]        

Your responses will also enable me to update my list of email addresses for Readers...I am missing some and one or two bounce back when used.To assist in the planning process, please respond by Friday Oct 30th.

Let's hope we are able to celebrate our Christmas in Church in a joyful manner! Thank you, Marie Lou


CLEANING ROTA: All pews, surfaces, and door handles are disinfected by the stewards after each mass. A cleaning team hoover the church after the 5:30pm mass. Another team mop the church and do deep cleaning on Mondays. If you would like to join either team please see a steward or contact Madeline at the parish email.


CAR PARK Terry has been successful in clearing the car park from unauthorised users. If you have any feedback please contact Terry Murphy at 07966 380820 or [email protected]


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Church Halls for Hire

Family reunion coming up? Planning a seminar? Launching a dance class?


The St Peters Church Halls offers three separate spaces for hire – two large halls and a smaller room & fully equipped kitchen.

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The History of St Peters

The history of St Peter’s Parish, Marlow and its two Churches mirrors the story of the revival of  Catholicism in...