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Welcome to St Peters



Welcome to the website of St Peter’s Parish, Marlow.  We are here to help people along their journey through this life towards the love of God.   Our Grade 2 listed Church, designed by Pugin and opened in 1846, reminds us of God’s presence and call and must be one of the most beautiful Catholic churches in our diocese of Northampton.  It is open all day for anyone  to come in for a quiet prayer and reflection.

Come and add to the years of prayer that have been going on in this place. I hope you can find the information you are looking for in these pages.

May God bless you and all who are dear to you and grant you his peace.

Fr Michael

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Church Halls for Hire

Family reunion coming up? Planning a seminar? Launching a dance class?


The St Peters Church Halls offers three separate spaces for hire – two large halls and a smaller room & fully equipped kitchen.

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The History of St Peters

The history of St Peter’s Parish, Marlow and its two Churches mirrors the story of the revival of  Catholicism in...





The widow in today’s gospel was worried. She had a legal grievance and she needed a “man” to unlock the doors of Jewish society. Because she had no clout the judge kept putting her off until eventually he heard her case just for a quiet life.


Jesus uses this story to teach us that we should never stop praying. Prayer increases our faith and feeds our life with God. The great Christians of the past constantly tell us that we should keep going in our prayer, no matter how worried we are and no matter how long it seems to take.


Worry is a destructive thing. It only allies us to thoughts of disaster and unpleasantness. It causes us to fall into the rut of negative thinking and this starts to erode our mindset and curtail our happiness. Yet it is possible to channel worry into prayer. If, instead of sitting and thinking the worst, we make our worries into petitions to God and begin to praise and thank God for what we do have, we can get a sense of the wholeness of God’s presence and come to an understanding of that peace of God that cannot be taken away from us.

Even the greatest men and women get knocked down in life, but what separates them from the rest is that they get right back up. Perseverance in prayer is a virtue. That’s because it’s the actual praying that gives us the strength to go on. Giving up praying when in trouble is like giving up eating when you are ill. You are only going to get worse But we have to pray positively.


If we feel that God won’t answer, then he probably won’t. We need to pray with confidence, firmly believing that God wants us to have what we need and what is good for us. Jesus would not have told us that our prayers will be answered if it were not true And how do we know that our prayer has “worked”?


Only God can grasp the full picture of what is good for us. Sometimes our prayer can be answered speedily. At other times God has reasons for delaying. Sometimes God may improve on our prayer by granting us something even better than what we asked for. And do remember that even when the answer is “No” it’s still an answer to prayer. So don’t give up































SUNDAY  16th  Oct

29th SUNDAY YR. C                                              9.00 a.m. Maureen Cornwell (Anniv)

                            11.00 a.m. People of the Parish

                                                                               5.30 pm  


MONDAY 17th Oct                                                10.00 am  Maureen Cornwell RIP

St Ignatius of Antioch(Rosary before Mass)                                      


TUESDAY 18th Oct                                                9.00 am



WEDNESDAY 19th Oct                                        10.00 am  

( NO MASS IN SCHOOL, Yr 5 join us in church)                  


THURSDAY 20th Oct                                            10.00 am


FRIDAY 21st  Oct                                                  10.00 am  

(Rosary before Mass)


SATURDAY 22nd  Oct                                          10.00 am  


SUNDAY  23rd Oct                                                 9.00 am    People of the Parish

30th  SUNDAY YR C.                                           11.00 am   Jean Mahony (Anniv)

                                                                               5.30 pm  





Sat. 10.30 – 11.00a.m.  & 6.00 – 6.30p.m.

(Enter New Church via old church)