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Welcome to St Peters




Welcome to the website of St Peter’s Parish, Marlow.  We are here to help people along their journey through this life towards the love of God.   Our Grade 2 listed Church, designed by Pugin and opened in 1846, reminds us of God’s presence and call and must be one of the most beautiful Catholic churches in our diocese of Northampton.  It is open all day for anyone  to come in

for a quiet prayer and reflection. Come and add to the years of prayer that have been going on in this place. I hope you can find the information you are looking for in these pages.

May God bless you and all who are dear to you and grant you his peace.

Fr Michael

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Church Halls for Hire

Family reunion coming up? Planning a seminar? Launching a dance class?


The St Peters Church Halls offers three separate spaces for hire – two large halls and a smaller room & fully equipped kitchen.

Hall Bookings

The History of St Peters

The history of St Peter’s Parish, Marlow and its two Churches mirrors the story of the revival of  Catholicism in...






Jesus rubs up everyone in today’s gospel. First he angers the Jewish establishment by telling a story about a man who was mugged, ignored by two clergymen and helped by a member of the hated ethnic minority.


Then he shuts the legal boffins up by saying that you don’t need a degree in jurisprudence to understand God’s Law. Just a bit of common sense will do. You can know the Law but still be incapable of love.


In fact, that’s what God said through Moses in today’s reading from Deuteronomy: “This Law is not beyond your strength or beyond your reach... it is very near to you, in your mouth and in your heart.” Yet we have problems thinking that God’s Law should be so easy.


Coming from a superhero culture we tend to expect some great heroic sacrifice will be asked of us, some death-defying feat that will hit the front pages of the newspapers. But God simply says: look around and make sure your neighbour is OK. Christian morality is as simple as that. Love your neighbour.


Today’s Samaritans are not those who go off to save the Third World but those who keep an eye out for the elderly or sick person on their street. They’re the kitchen sink heroes whose daily acts of kindness show that everyone is their neighbour.


We shouldn’t need to ask, “Who is my neighbour?” Rather, we should listen for the call within us to become close to those in need around us. St David said, “Do the little things well”. Perhaps that’s what God is trying to tell us today. For if we want to fulfil God’s Law, then we will do so by opening our eyes and ears and responding to people of all races and creeds when they need us.


This is not something so difficult that only professionals can grasp it. It’s obvious, says God. It’s what we would want others to do for us, and we can do it for others simply by doing the little things well.
























SUNDAY 10th July                                            9.00 am  People of the Parish

15th SUNDAY YR C                                        11.00 am

                                                                          5.30 pm  


MONDAY 11th July                                         10.00 am  Private intention (Hancock)

ST BENEDICT(Rosary before Mass)


TUESDAY 12th July                                          9.00 am. Joe Ferrari  R.I.P.


WEDNESDAY 13th July                                  10.00 a.m. Geofry Smith R.I.P.

(No Mass in School.  Yr 4 join us in Church)


THURSDAY 14th July                                      10.00 am Efren Ronada R.I.P.


FRIDAY 15th July                                             10.00 am Catholic Womens League

St Bonaventure(Rosary before Mass   –   abstinence today)


SATURDAY 16th July                                       10.00 am


SUNDAY  17th July                                             9.00 am  People of the Parish

16th SUNDAY YR C                                          11.00 am    

                                                                            5.30 pm  







Sat. 10.30 – 11.00a.m.  & 6.00 – 6.30p.m.

(Enter New Church via old church)