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Welcome to St Peters



Welcome to the website of St Peter’s Parish, Marlow.  We are here to help people along their journey through this life towards the love of God.   Our Grade 2 listed Church, designed by Pugin and opened in 1846, reminds us of God’s presence and call and must be one of the most beautiful Catholic churches in our diocese of Northampton.  It is open all day for anyone  to come in for a quiet prayer and reflection.

Come and add to the years of prayer that have been going on in this place. I hope you can find the information you are looking for in these pages.

May God bless you and all who are dear to you and grant you his peace.

Fr Michael

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Church Halls for Hire

Family reunion coming up? Planning a seminar? Launching a dance class?


The St Peters Church Halls offers three separate spaces for hire – two large halls and a smaller room & fully equipped kitchen.

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The History of St Peters

The history of St Peter’s Parish, Marlow and its two Churches mirrors the story of the revival of  Catholicism in...





Previous generations of Christians had a more lively sense of sin than we have today. Perhaps it was due to the vigorous style of preaching that reminded people of their lowliness and their propensity for doing wrong. In Catholic circles this showed itself in long queues each week outside the confessional, and on the Protestant and Free Church circuits sin was the stuff of many a mission or revival meeting.


John the Baptist proclaims that Jesus is sent from God to take away the sin of the world. What exactly is this sin? It is clearly more than the pettiness of being nasty to your brother or sister, shoplifting from the supermarket, telling lies to your teacher or selling black market goods at knock-down prices.

The sin of the world is a disease that has infected all of us. We live with it, often without realising it. It is endemic; it affects the very structures of our society and our world. It's often more about what we don't do than what we do. We find it in institutions just as much as in individual people. When a public body is accused of being institutionally racist we are beginning to scratch the surface of what the sin of the world is. It is an atmosphere that we breathe and take for granted but do nothing about, sometimes claiming that the problem is too big for us to make any impression on alone.


Hence, we become reconciled to the fact that farmers in poor countries receive low payments for their products so that we can buy them cheaply here. We watch as our neighbours become embroiled in a life of drug dependency but claim that we are powerless to tackle the pushers. We see international pharmaceutical companies charge prices for AIDS medicines that prevent millions in Africa from getting relief. We continue to trade with repressive regimes, to stand by while armies commit genocide, to presume that all asylum seekers are scroungers, to ignore the polluting of the environment, to take as our standard whatever false gods our government or the media decide to put before usOf course, we reply by saying that it's not us who do these things; it's just "how the world is these days".


This is the sin of the world that Jesus came to take away. Do we have a role to play?






SUNDAY  15TH JAN                                              9.00 am     People of the Parish

2ND Sunday Yr A                                                 11.00 am  Gerard Dufort, Dennis Mulcahy,

                                                           Nora Mulcahy, Hughie O’Hara, Mary O’Hara, Alice Roles,

                                                          Edward Roles, Alex Storey, Frances Storey, Patrick Mulcahy,

                                                        Alwen Mulcahy, Sean Mulcahy, Maureen Mulcahy, Brien Stevens

                                                                               5.30 pm    


MONDAY 16th Jan                                               10.00 am    Janet Mary McGibbon RIP

(Rosary before Mass)                                                                                                                                                                


TUESDAY 17th Jan                                                9.00 am   Holy Souls  7 Mrs Griffin’s int


WEDNESDAY 18thJan                                         10.00 am   Suzanne Wood RIP

(No Mass in school –Yr 4 join us in church)


THURSDAY 19th Jan                                            10.00 am dec’d of Wood fam


FRIDAY 20th  Jan10.00 am  Florence & Frank Newton RIP

(Rosary before Mass – Day of Abstinence)


SATURDAY 21st  Jan                                           10.00 am  Special int


SUNDAY  22nd Jan                                                 9.00 am  Ian Murphy RIP

3rd  SUNDAY YR A                                              11.00 am  Noel Helebert RIP

                                                                                 5.30 pm   People of the Parish




Sat. 10.30 – 11.00a.m.  & 6.00 – 6.30p.m.

(Enter New Church via old church)