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Welcome to St Peters



Welcome to the website of St Peter’s Parish, Marlow.  We are here to help people along their journey through this life towards the love of God.   Our Grade 2 listed Church, designed by Pugin and opened in 1846, reminds us of God’s presence and call and must be one of the most beautiful Catholic churches in our diocese of Northampton.  It is open all day for anyone  to come in for a quiet prayer and reflection.

Come and add to the years of prayer that have been going on in this place. I hope you can find the information you are looking for in these pages.

May God bless you and all who are dear to you and grant you his peace.

Fr Michael

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Church Halls for Hire

Family reunion coming up? Planning a seminar? Launching a dance class?


The St Peters Church Halls offers three separate spaces for hire – two large halls and a smaller room & fully equipped kitchen.

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The History of St Peters

The history of St Peter’s Parish, Marlow and its two Churches mirrors the story of the revival of  Catholicism in...





Frank and Lilly were a happily married couple. He worked in a factory and she spent most of her time at home as the family grew to seven children. They didn’t have much time to themselves  but Frank was a member of the parish Society of St Vincent de Paul, helping the poor and  disadvantaged, and for the past twenty years had been elected to the local council where he was  much respected by members of the public. They liked to go ballroom dancing every few months when they could find a baby-sitter and Frank’s hobby was carpentry, although the odd chair or table was about all he had the chance to make.


They didn’t have much in the way of savings but they always told themselves that they would build a workshop in the garden for Frank if they ever scraped the money together. With seven children they never quite managed it.  


When he was 55, Frank had to retire from work on health grounds. He got a small lump sum and an even smaller pension. He and Lilly were quite looking forward to his retirement. Lilly had a part time job and Frank was looking forward to making some furniture for the grandchildren’s bedroom. They’d be able to do a bit more dancing now that the children were old enough to look  after themselves, and they ordered a shed for Frank.


Frank’s brother Tom had lived a different life. He had done well for himself and lived in luxury house a few  miles away. He used to make fun of Frank’s work for the Church and for the council, and he had given up the practice of his faith after leaving school, concentrating instead on developing his haulage business. He and his wife had no children and kept themselves to themselves. When Frank talked to him about his faith he said he didn’t object to religion but he had other things on his plate and perhaps one day he would start practising  again.


Tom was with Frank in the van on the way to pick up the shed from the DIY store when it crashed and they both died....


























SUNDAY  25th Sept

26th SUNDAY YR. C                                                      9.00 am Teresa Fleetwood (sick)

                                           11.00 am People of the Parish

                                                                                       5.30 pm  


MONDAY 26th  Sept                                                     10.00 am  Janet New (Anniv)

(Rosary before Mass)                                      


TUESDAY 27th Sept                                                      9.00 am Jean Mahony  RIP

St Vincent de Paul


WEDNESDAY 28th Sept                                               9.15 am

(MASS IN SCHOOL)                  


THURSDAY 29th Sept         ( N.B. No 10am.Mass)

SS MICHAEL, GABRIEL                                             11.00 am REQUIEM Edward Wright



FRIDAY 30th Sept                                                       10.00 am  Olive Allen RIP

St Jerome (Rosary before Mass   –   abstinence today)


SATURDAY 1st Oct                                                     10.00 am  

St Teresa of the Child Jesus


SUNDAY  2nd Oct                                                         9.00 am    People of the Parish

27th  SUNDAY YR C.                                                  11.00 am   In Thanksgiving

                                                                                      5.30 pm  








Sat. 10.30 – 11.00a.m.  & 6.00 – 6.30p.m.

(Enter New Church via old church)